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Application Form for Rain Foundation Day Camp

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To pre-register for camps you can pay online or by check.

Sign up for our nonprofit day camps for a day of fun and excitement and a chance to connect with our horses. Children ages 3 to 19 are welcome. Our camps are fun for the whole family!

Info About Horsemanship Classes

  • First class starts May 10th.
  • Once per week every Wednesday
  • Six kids split into two groups; Ages 7-15 (Parents must stay on premises)
  • All children required to wear a helmet around the horses
  • $20.00 a class for four sessions, prepaid
  • No refund on donations, all of the money goes towards running the camp
  • In the first session the children will be introduced to the horse and learn about his basic needs as well as other information about horses. In the second session they will learn how to brush a horse, and how to bathe a horse if the weather permits. In the third session they will learn how to equip the horse for riding. In the fourth session that will walk the horse around the arena, brush the horses, and review everything they have learned.

Upcoming Camps:
May 6th, July 1st, & August 12th