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Courageous Women of the Bible - Esther

There are times in our lives where we have the option to take a risk on the chance that our lives will be bettered by our actions. Our women’s Christian ministry wants to share with you the story of Esther – a woman who risked her own life to save her people. There is no bigger sacrifice, but it worked in Esther’s favor because she trusted God. Esther is one of only three women to have an entire book of the Bible named for her – and for good reason. Esther’s strength, courage, and trust in the Lord are traits that we can aspire to in our own lives.

Esther’s Story

When we meet Esther she is living in exile in Persia with her cousin, Mordecai. When Xerxes banishes his queen for refusing to attend his feast, he chooses Esther as his new queen, not knowing that she is a Jew. During this time, a man named Haman rises to power in the king’s court. Haman plots to execute all of the Jews.

When Mordecai, Esther’s cousin, hears of this he asks Esther to intercede on the behalf of her people. At first, she is fearful because the king does not know she is a Jew, and fears his response to this news. She also knows that appearing before the king uninvited could result in severe punishment. This is a huge risk for Esther to undertake, and she knows it. In time, she realizes that she was placed in this position because God had planned for her to deliver her people. She decided to trust in his plan for her, and succeeded in saving her people.

What We Can Learn from Esther

Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway. Esther was fearful that she would be punished for trying to intercede, but she was willing to trust God and take the risk in order to save her people. She succeeded because she placed her trust in God. Through God, all things are possible.

Our women’s Christian ministry seeks to help women find strength in God, and through their connections with their fellow sisters. It can be frightening to do the right thing, but through our faith we know that taking risks to do what is right will be rewarded. Contact our women’s Christian ministry today to find out how a tea party or speaking engagement can help you connect with God, with your fellow sisters, and help you find the strength to overcome setbacks in life.