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Welcome to the Courageous Women Ministries newsletter. We are so happy you found us, and look forward to helping your women’s support group through our ministry. We offer tea parties and speaking engagements where Vickie offers words of encouragement for women, and shows them how reaching out to God can help in any situation – especially in times of crisis.

God is so good, and even in hard times you can see Him working in your life. Don’t get caught up in life’s circumstances, but look to God. He will hold your hand through everything that you are going through, and knows that you can make it through this tough situation. Remember, God never gives you more than you can handle.

Through the hard times and the good times, our ministry works to share the goodness of God with women all over the country through tea parties and speaking engagements. Empowering Christian women to break down the walls around their hearts and share their struggles with their fellow women and with God is our ultimate goal.

My family

Life is Good

Hope Anchors The Soul

What ever Mountain you are in GOD is always good.


I have found that in life God is good all the time, and even when life is hard there is piece of gem in the turmoils of life. When my son is sick I have to cancel everything to stay home with him, yet in those times, I get to stay home and make more food for our family. Yes, I worry and I fret, yet in those time, I remember that verse God's grace is sufficient for me.. and His merices are new every morning...

Hope Anchors The Soul

Rejoice in the Lord


A love to walk and remember all the good God has done for me and my family.  Even when life is hard, God is always good.  When we have women's teas, We share the goodness of God  in hard times and good times.  I would love to share with you how your church can connect with other women through informal tea times to see the works of Jesus.