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Overcoming Addiction with God

Addiction can become the darkest period in a woman’s life . . . you can lose everything – partners, family, children, your home, and yourself. You can’t always get all of those things back, but you can build a new life from the ruins. The problem is that overcoming addiction is a constant uphill battle, and you might think that you’ll never win. But here at our women’s Christian ministry, we are dedicated to empowering Christian women to overcome rough patches in their lives by connected them with God and with other women who may be facing down the same demons.

The First Step

Addiction is a powerful and dangerous demon, and it can ruin your life and even kill you – but you can defeat it. The first step is making the decision to fight. You can’t overcome anything if you don’t find the desire in your heart to fight for what you want.

To help with this, think of why you want to overcome your addiction:

·         Think of your family members who are afraid to lose you. It may seem like they are judging you, or that they’ve abandoned you because of this addiction – but they truly love you. Overcoming addiction can help you build bridges that have been broken and rebuild your family.

·         If you have children, think of them. If you do not fight this demon, they will be left to face the world without a mother.

·         Think of yourself. You’ve lost many things to this demon, and you want to regain the life you once knew, or build a new one. You do not want to live your life in misery.

Once you have decided why you are fighting, you can begin recovery.

Realizing You’re Not Alone

Our ministry’s tea parties are empowering Christian women to break down the barriers around their hearts and open up to each other about their struggles. Joining a women’s support group like this will help you realize that you are not alone. Many women face this same problem, and are trying to get clean.

When you are entangled in your addiction, you can feel completely isolated – but an important step on the road to recovery is realizing that this is far from the truth.

Allowing God to Help

God will never abandon you. When times are difficult, and when you are completely lost in your addiction, you may not feel God’s presence. After all, how could he love someone like you? Someone who would do awful things to herself and others because of addiction?

The truth is that you are always God’s child. He will always love you. And he will always welcome you with open arms if you ask for help. Finding the courage to ask God for help in your recovery is an important step to overcoming addiction. Pray for guidance, and pray for the strength to work hard towards recovery. No matter what you have lost to addiction, you will never lose God’s love and acceptance.

Courageous Women Ministries is dedicated to empowering Christian women to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Contact us today for more information.