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Connect with God & Your Fellow Sisters

Become closer to God and experience the joy that Jesus has to offer. At Courageous Women Ministries, our goal is to connect women with God, as well as with other women. Through tea parties, Christian speaking engagements, and other events, we help bridge the gap between God, women, and their fellow sisters. Contact us to learn more about our events in the Seattle, Washington area.


Tea Parties

Everyone enjoys a good cup of tea! Why not hold a tea party at your women’s support group where members can sip tea in an environment that makes them feel comfortable opening up to others?

Courageous Women Ministries helps get the conversation going by hosting tea parties for local women’s groups and shelters. Vickie works with group leaders to foster a discussion that touches on the problems that women face in their lives. These events allow women to learn from other women in similar situations, and find answers to their problems.

Contact our women’s Christian ministry to have her host a tea party at your group or shelter. When booking, please be aware that Vickie’s fee covers her transportation, food, and board.

Women Having a Tea Party

Woman Speaking

Speaking Engagements

When life becomes difficult, don’t despair. Turn to Jesus Christ and know that He is always there when you need him the Most. Though you may find yourself swallowed up by sadness, anger, or frustration, Jesus can help guide you through the suffering and lead you to a place of understanding, contentment, and happiness.

During Vickie’s speaking engagements, she discusses Jesus’ unconditional love and other relevant topics. Her talks are geared towards single people, married couples, and families with children who have special needs. She emphasizes the importance of never giving up and allowing God to take over.